Replacing a Dometic RV Toilet Flush Valve and Ball Valve Seal

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Recently, I performed a minor repair to our Dometic 310 RV toilet in our 2011 Keystone Cougar fifth-wheel trailer. First, I replace the flush valve that has been letting too much water into the bowl after a flush. This is annoying when we are off-grid camping and trying to conserve water and tank capacity.

Dometic RV toilet repairs

While at it, I decided to replace the ball seal that keeps water in the toilet bowl. It is the original and 13 years old now. Likey, its days are numbered. Both tasks involved inexpensive parts and were relatively straightforward to perform with little tools involved.

Dometic RV Toilet Repair Video

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Replacing a Dometic RV Toilet Flush Valve and Ball Valve Seal

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