Review of the Hydro Power Blaster for the RV

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Love Your RV! Review

Lately, I have been contacted by many companies offering to send products for me to try out and possibly review. If they are not RV related or something I don’t think I would want to use I decline the offer.

Recently there have been several that strike my fancy and I have accepted some free samples for review. I will do my best to be honest to you my reader and fair to the product provider. I’ll also try and provide my own demo video of the product in action.

Hydro Power Blaster

I couldn’t resist when I heard the name. The Hydro Power Blaster is a heavy duty plastic pistol shaped sprayer that can be attached to a standard painter’s or pool cleaning pole. By attaching the unit to a long pole it gives you the ability to clean hard to reach places. Also the internal water channel is fairly long and tapered so the pressure is increased over that of a standard garden type spray nozzle.

Hydro Power Blaster Package

It’s kind of like having a very portable, lightweight pressure washer. It comes with three different spray pattern nozzles. There is a straight jet nozzle, a fan type and a shower type. They are very easy to change, just screwing off and on by hand.

Construction Quality

The Hydro Power Blaster is plastic but has a pretty good feel to it. Not super heavy duty, but definitely not flimsy either. The threaded hose connection is brass rather than plastic, so should stand up a while. My extendable pole threaded easily in to the unit.


I found it to be very handy for cleaning and rinsing the RVs gutters, slide top and awnings. I could even reach up to the roof top. Anything that gets me off of a ladder is a good thing. The stream pressure was very good but not so strong as to harm the RVs surface or fixtures. Last thing I want to do is blow my decals off.

The HPB made it much easier and dryer to clean off the undercarriage of the rig. I was able to easily get a high pressure spray right close to the spots I was cleaning without crawling around. I’m a full-time RVer so it’s not really practical to carry a full blown powered pressure washer in the rig. The small and light Hydro Power Blaster will be the next best thing.


For some reason the off lever didn’t completely shut off the water flow. The unit would always have a slight dribble.  I’m not sure if I got a defective one or that’s just the way it’s supposed to be, but it was quite annoying.

The slack portion of hose would become a little unwieldy and I found myself having to hang on to it. It would be nice if they included some type of quick clamps or ties to hold it against the pole. I will likely use some Velcro wraps.

Video demo of the Hydro Power Blaster

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