Rewiring Our Boat’s Starter Battery Bank System – CHB 34″ Trawler

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I’ve begun the DC battery rewiring upgrades I have planned for Vestri so we can spend more time at anchor and improve the electrical system safety. I installed a new Xantrex 2000W Inverter/Charger in a recent video. Now I’m tackling the battery bank wiring, starting with the AGM engine starter bank.

I removed about 20 feet of 2/0 cable simplifying the circuit. Before, everything went to a large DC switch so a person could start the boat with starter batteries, house batteries, or both. I didn’t like that arrangement preferring the starter batteries as the only ones connected to the starter motor. Now the cable run is much shorter, and I added a few more fuses for safety.

Rewiring Our Boat’s Starter Battery Bank

Stay tuned for a future video. I’ll install a second house battery bank consisting of 300 amp hours of lithium type. I’ll reuse the large DC battery switch to switch between the lithium bank and an existing four 6V golf cart lead acid bank.

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