RV Awning Washing Tip

RV Awning and Slide Topper Cleaning Tip

Steve over at Love Your RV Forum forums shared a terrific tip recently for making the chore of RV Awning and Slide Topper cleaning a little easier. Use a one gallon garden sprayer. It helps keep you dry and saves on expensive awning cleaning products.

I got tired of using a long handled brush and a mixture of awning cleaner in a bucket.  The mixture would run down the brush handle onto my hands and arms…the drippings from the underside of the awning would be all over me.  I would be as wet as the awning!  I figured there had to be a better way.  Then it dawned on me…how about a small garden sprayer.  So I purchased a 1 gallon sprayer. Now I spray the awning…let it soak for a few minutes then give it a scrubbing with the long handle brush then a rinse…and I’m dry. :-) I also use it for the roof and slide toppers. I find that I am using far less Awning Cleaner Solution so have been saving money too. Last summer while returning from Alaska our rig windows were filthy so I grabbed the sprayer and filled it a few times while giving the rig a quick wash and rinse. – Steve Colibaba

Awning Tip Another quick tip – After any rain open up and dry out the awning to prevent hard to remove mold from forming as the rain water is trapped in the awning layers.

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