Why Our RV Carbon Monoxide Detector Was Suddenly Beeping Twice

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A little while ago I got a call from my wife telling me the carbon monoxide detector was going off. She, of course, was a bit worried. The CO alarm was there when we bought the RV new, a brand called Costar. She told me CO detectors front writing lists – Alarm (4 Beeps) and Trouble/Service 1 Beep. So What the heck was two beeps?

I told her best thing to do was take it off the wall (it comes off with a twisting motion) then go outside with it and see if it stops beeping. Once out she was able to see some small print in the back that listed what two beeps meant. “End of Life: Red LED flashes twice horn beeps every 30 seconds.” Whew! That eased her mind.

Costar CO Alarm

So, I needed to buy a replacement CO detector for the RV. I decided, being our rig is over six years old, it would also be a smart thing to update a few other safety items. I hit up the local big box hardware store and picked up a new CO unit plus a new smoke detector and fire extinguisher.

Both the new Kidde CO and smoke detectors come with a 10-year lifespan. The built-in lithium battery never needs changing. No need to swap out alkaline batteries every six months. The Kidde CO detector model C3010D has a digital readout showing CO levels in PPM (parts per million).

Kidde Smoke Detector CO Alarm

I wanted the digital readout feature as we often dry camp using both my Champion gas generator and Big Buddy indoor propane radiant heater. It will be nice to know if we see any level whatsoever of CO in the rig.

Kidde Carbon Monoxide Alarm

For a fire extinguisher, our RV came stock with a piddly little white unit mounted near the entrance door. Being so small I doubt it would last long so have upgraded it to a much larger commercial grade model. It’s an ABC type for covering many types of fires whether they be wood/paper, gas/oil or electrical. I figured this was a good time to replace it with a fresh one and went a step bigger even.

First Alert Fire Extinguisher

What about the LP gas detector, hmmm. We have an Atwood Series 2000. The test button indicates it’s OK. I did another quick test using my manometer tube to send a little burst of propane near the sensor. It sounded off loud and clear.

Atwood LP Gas Alarm

I couldn’t locate a lifespan rating for it in the owners manual, but I found several online posters suggesting seven years. It’s are fast approaching that so I plan to pick up an updated Atwood model online soon.

Video Detailing our RV Safety Devices

I’m glad the CO detector end of lifespan alarm went off when it did. It’s given me an opportunity to revisit our safety devices and update or test them before we head off for out six months of snowbirding RV adventures. The little bit of time taken and money spent gives me peace of mind and may save our rig or more importantly our lives.

Why our RV carbon monoxide alarm was going off with 2 beeps. Indicated end of life. - https://www.loveyourrv.com/rv-carbon-monoxide-detector-suddenly-beeping-twice/

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