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For several years now we have been coming down to Palm Springs in December to spend a few weeks in one of the many RV resorts. During these visits, I’d often see folks out wiping their trucks and motorhomes with what looked like a large dust mop. Coming from the pacific northwest this behaviour struck me as quite odd.

That was until this snowbird seasons visit. California is in the midst of a severe drought and this year the RV resort was on heightened water restrictions including absolutely no washing of rigs. I figured our pretty old Ford truck “Big Blue” would have to remain dull and dusty. That was until one day at Walmart I spotted on of those Original California Dusters on sale for $12 bucks. Worth a shot!

Original California CarDuster clans Big Blue

Guess what? It actually works really well. I did first take the truck into a car wash and then added a good coat of wax but ever since then (about 5 weeks) I’ve been able to keep the paint looking great with just a quick wipe down every few days as the desert dust builds up. It also works great on the fifth wheel fiberglass, windows, and our solar panels.

Original California CarDuster cleans solar panels

I’ve talked to several other RVers about the mop and they tell me the more you use the California Duster the better it works. The threads of the mophead are coated with a wax so you don’t wash it, just shake it out after use.

Original California CarDuster

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