RV Dump Station Tip to Maximize Tank Capacity

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Looking to get maximum tank capacity for that next boondocking adventure? Make sure the RV is level or even tilted towards the dump station. It’s amazing how much waste can remain in the tanks if the rig is leaning slightly away.

I really noticed this at our last dump station which was way off level. I watched as a fellow RVer used his rigs leveling ramps to help get a complete tank dump.

Dumping the tanks
Dumping the tanks with my WasteMaster Sewer System

Same goes for our gravity feed fresh water fill but in the opposite direction. If tilted the wrong way I won’t get full capacity. You wouldn’t think a few inches, either way, would mean much. However, if your tanks are long, installed running side to side and shallow in height like mine, it does.

Crude Drawing of Cougar Tanks And Wiring Layout
A crude drawing of our trailer’s tank layout

I can easily lose 5 to 10% off the total tank capacity. I was able to confirm it once I installed the more accurate See Level II tank monitor.

100 percent full
100% that’s what I like to see!

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