RV Flag Mounting Idea for Your Fifth Wheel Trailer

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For several years now I’ve had a 20-foot flag pole that attaches to my RV’s rear ladder. Flying different flags while camping has been a fun thing to do and helped me and friends locate our RV in a crowd. My yellow happy face flag gets lots of smiles and comments. 🙂

Cougar 276RLSWE Camping

This summer with the celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday on the horizon I decided to add a second flag pole to the front of the rig. It would also function to keep myself and anyone else from walking into the trailers heavy metal pin box. I can tell you from experience that can be a major ouch and leave a mark!

Rather than a standard upright pole, I elected to go with a front porch type angled pole. The pole is roughly 6 feet long and has a spinning section to it. The spinning flag mount keeps the flag from wrapping around the pole so it is always draped downward.

Flag Pole Kit

The pole came with an adjustable mounting bracket with four screws. It’s meant to be mounted to a porch railing or the side of a house. However, I wanted to have it on my fifth wheel trailers pin box. At first, I thought of drilling holes for the screws into the metal, however, I came up with what I feel is a better option.

Mounted on pin box

I used a 2×10 wood plank and screwed the flag pole mount onto that, then with ratchet straps attached the plank to the pin box. The mount turned out to be extremely strong and can be used in other locations like say a picnic table. To improve the looks I spray painted the wood plank black like the pin box.

Oh Canada

The pole can be used for more than flags. We have a large fish wind sock that looks pretty cool on it. The only downside to the pole I purchased is it’s a little lightweight. Being made of thin aluminum I feel it may not handle an extreme wind load. Luckily it’s super easy to remove with a few turns of the thumb screw if a storm is bearing down on us.

Fishy Wind Sock

Video Detailing the Flag Pole Install

Note: For my Canadian readers I picked up this flagpole at Canadian Tire.

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