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While reading many RV forums over the last few years I’ve watch as a few topics always seem to blow up into extensive threads with many replies and comments. Unfortunately, many times these forum threads degrade into outright arguments and bad feelings or they are just a big long rehash of previously answered questions. My advice is if you’re new to an RV forum and have a question use the search feature and see if anyone has already answered the question. Below you’ll find my list of RV forum questions not to ask.


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Is a diesel motor better than gas?

A no-win argument will ensue with folks siding with usually what they own.

What is the best brand of tires?

This is one of the most contentious topics in any RV forum. You’ll see a plethora of detailed specs, ratings, weights and hear anecdotal stories of tire mayhem. Brands will be touted and an argument between the merits of LT vs. STR tire types will develop.

What portable generator should I buy?

Owners of more expensive, quieter brands will argue against the cheaper noisier type. Apples to oranges to bananas debates will take place and again like tires many specs will be cited.

Should I carry a gun in the RV?

An almost mirror reflection of the US national debate will takes place. The debate will flow in circles and go on for pages. If you’re a Canadian stay out of it.

I hear you can camp at Walmart, is that true?

It’s true, sort of, sometimes. A constant stream of opinions and “you should of seen what these RVers did” stories will erupt. Misinformation will be offered and a side debate about how Walmart dry camping isn’t real “boondocking” inevitably will surface.

What’s the best truck to tow with?

Dodge is better than Chevy is better than Ford is better than Chevy is better than Dodge is better than Ford is better than Toyota Tundra!

What’s better Class “A” or Fifth Wheel RVs?

Impossible to answer as it’s a personal choice based on each unique circumstance. So the thread will grow out of control as each person relates their own story of why.

Why are dog owners so inconsiderate?

People are very passionate regarding their furry children. Don’t open this can of worms.


If you must ask one of these RV forum questions then:

  • Be prepared to read and reply to many comments. People who disappear after asking a question are most annoying.
  • Try to be as specific as you can when framing the question. This will limit answers you’re not interested in.
  • Don’t be surprised if by page two of the thread the conversation has little to do with you’re initial question

 RV Forum Questions Not To Ask – Infographic

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If anyone else cares to add to this list, give us a comment below.

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