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Over at our sister site called Love Your RV Forum we have been forming many specific RVing  groups. Once you join the freeLove Your RV Forum community select a group that interests you and start socializing with fellow RVers who also share your passion for the topic. Each group has it’s own activity stream, shared photo galleries, traditional forum and more. Get group updates sent right to your inbox, friend other members and like each others postings. We have many assorted groups to choose from but if there is new subject you feel would make a good group just message me and I’ll be happy to set it up for you.

Love Your RV Forum Community Groups



For RVers who like to get off the grid and explore those amazing places a little more away from civilization. Get that pioneering feeling! In this group we share great boondocking spots, how-tos, tips, tricks, and our experiences.



Photography and RVing are a natural combination and we are building a terrific group of talented folks. We all love to see photos from beautiful places. Join up and show off your latest shots. Get ideas of where to go for that next Photo/RV adventure.

RV Newbies


We were all new RVers once. If you’re brand spanking new to the world of RVing this is the group for you. Share your baby steps with other folks just starting out as well. Ask questions, share your first trips and upload a photo of your new rig. Those who are veterans can pop in and help out.



Dedicated to RVers who called there rig home 24/7 – 365 days a year. Share the lifestyle and chat with fellow RVers living the life.



Every winter we make the trek south to warmer climates following the sun. This group is dedicated to these RV migrators. Share where you spend the winter, why and the best routes.

Making a Living on the Road


A growing percentage of RVers are now making a living while traveling. With technology allowing better and better communications. Working and traveling is getting easier. In this group we discuss methods to make an income and how we manage to do it in our RV.  Share tips, tricks, office setups, communications, etc.

RV Pets


Cats, Dogs, Birds, Reptiles whatever you have, we all love our pets. Many of us travel in RVs just so we can bring our pets with us. Discuss RV pet ownership, share advice and show off photos.

RVing With Special Needs


Many, especially older RVers have special needs. An RV being like a house can be modified to suit those needs. In this group we share tips, modifications, best destinations, trip reports and stories. Hopefully this group will inspire others who think they can’t, to see that they really can.

Oh Canada


For folks hailing from the Great White North, come on in! The Tim Horton’s is brewing and the hockey game is on. Here we discuss Canuckian issues like how to harness the sled dog team, igloo maintenance and storing our beaver pelts.

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