RV Plumbing Repair Using Shark Bite Fittings

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Recently I had to repair a leak in my RV fresh water piping and was having a hard time finding the OEM replacement part. So I decided to remove and redo a section of piping with Shark Bite fittings and steel braided hose.

Video Detailing the RV Plumbing Repair

Shark Bite connectors are super convenient to use as they just press-fit to the PEX tubing and can even be removed with a little plastic tool. However, I’ve read mixed reviews about them.

The repair went well and no leaks or anything but thought I’d get your opinion. Feel free to leave a comment or read what others have to say on YouTube.  Cheers, Ray

Parts Used in Video

Using Shark Bite Fittings for RV Plumbing Repairs

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