RV Security Camera Review – Reolink Go 4G LTE

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In this first video, I unbox, setup, and give you a quick look at the new Reolink Go wireless 4G security camera in action.  Then after I use it for a few weeks, I’m back with an in-depth review in video number two further below.

This rechargeable battery-operated camera is designed to go almost anywhere and report back video and audio via the 4G cellular networks. Looks like a great gadget for RVers to help with campsite/boondocking/RV storage security. Or, catch wildlife clips as an easy to use the game cam. I also show the optional Reolink solar panel which will keep the Reolink Go powered up pretty well indefinitely.

*Fair Disclosure* I received this Reolink Go free of charge in exchange for a review. However, Iā€™m not sponsored by Reolink and received no monetary compensation. Opinions are my own.

Reolink Go Unboxing and Setup Video

Reolink Go, a 100% wire-free free HD security camera, operates on 4G-LTE and 3G networks. An ideal video monitoring solution with no cords, no wiring hassles, when in areas with limited or no WiFi access, no electrical power source! Portable and weatherproof! Install or take Reolink Go just about anywhere, indoors and outdoors. In your vacation home, construction site, campsite, in the wild, etc.

In this second video, I provide a detailed view of the free smartphone app that mates with the Reolink Go camera via a 4G cellular plan. I go through the various control, display and settings screens. The video ends with some examples of footage I recorded in various lighting conditions, my Reolink Cloud Storage page and my main pros and cons.

Reolink Go Review Video – In-Depth Details


  • Excellent Battery Life
  • Clear 1080P Resolution
  • Good Color and Low Light Video
  • Intuitive App – Easy to Navigate
  • Push Notifications
  • Cloud Storage
  • Easy to Zoom in On Picture


  • Don’t like the Round Case Design
  • No WiFi Access
  • Can be Expensive to Use
  • Cell Connection Sometimes Can Lag
  • Sound Weak
  • Email – Insecure App Warning from Gmail


Overall I give the Reolink Go a thumbs up. If you really need to keep an eye on something and only have cell coverage to do it with, this camera is a good option. I’ll be using it this winter as security for my off-grid boondocking campsite when I’m away or off hiking.

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Review of the Reolink Go 4G LTE wireless security camera for the RV but the Love Your RV blog

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