RV Shower Stall Repairs New Door Sweeps and Reseal

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With over six years of full time use our RV shower stall seals were starting to look a little shabby. Some of the silicone caulking around the bottom was moldy, and the doors vinyl sweeps were partially torn. Since Anne was away for three weeks touring Scotland, I figured it was a good time to completely disassemble the framed glass enclosure and fix things up.

I could have recaulked without a complete disassembly. However, by removing the enclosure, cleaning things up and removing the old silicone caulk proved to be much more straightforward. Otherwise, I would have been sitting inside the shower stall digging old silicone out of all the cracks.

RV Shower Stall

Removing the Framed Glass RV Shower Stall

First thing I did was take a sharp utility knife slice the old silicone caulk where the frame met the plastic shower walls and pan. Next, I removed all the screws from the top cover and wall anchor pieces. Then, I was able to lift the framed enclosure off and away from the rest of the shower stall.

Shower Stall Removed Top View

Shower Stall Removed Bottom View

Clean and Reseal the Shower Stall

Completely removing the enclosure made cleaning much easier. The bulk of the old silicone could be simply peeled off. Whatever little bit remained I removed with a plastic scraper and some Goo Gone. I finished things off by giving everything a good wipe down with bathroom shower and glass cleaner until it sparkled.

Shower stall pan Old Silicone Caulk

Next, I had to do something about the torn vinyl door sweeps. I scoured the internet but was unable to locate the exact match. So I picked up one close to it meant for a glass door and modified it to fit. I added three small screws to keep it in place. 

The bottom wiper also needed a bead of silicone to prevent water from getting behind it. Hopefully down the road, I’ll find the OEM wiper, but this should do for now.

Modified Shower Door Wiper

I reassembled the shower enclosure and added new silicone caulk to all the seams. I’m a terrible caulker, so I purchased a little tool that snaps on the end of the caulk tube. It has a triangular shaped flexible silicone guide. It worked pretty well and soon I had the job done. Anne will come home to a clean and leak free showers stall. Big brownie points for yours truly.

Caulking gun with flexible tip tool

Video Detailing the RV Shower Stall Clean and Reseal

*UPDATE* I contacted Shower Enclosures of America using the form on their website – http://www.seamerica.com They are sending out free vinyl sweep replacements, even though I’m up in Canada, awesome!

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