RV Trip to Gros Morne National Park Newfoundland – Part 3

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Camping on the Coast

The next few days we spent driving around the park checking out the many views and doing a few of the many hikes. A favourite was at a place called Cow Head, another interesting name. It’s near the northern border of the park and is named after a little peninsula of land that juts out into the ocean. We parked and hiked out for ½ hour through the scrubby brush and trees to the very end where we were greeted by some interesting geology. Giant round boulders and ribbons of sideways turned rock like I have never seen before. Some of the oldest rock in the world can be found in Gros Morne and it’s in fact a world heritage site due to the unique geology found here.

Newfoundland RV Trip - Cowhead   Unique rock formations found at Cowhead

The rocks of Gros Morne National Park and adjacent parts of western Newfoundland are world-renowned for the light they shed on the geological evolution of ancient mountain belts. The geology of the park illustrates the concept of plate tectonics, one of the most important ideas in modern science. This is one of the main reasons why Gros Morne National Park has been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO – http://pc.gc.ca/en/pn-np/nl/grosmorne

Newfoundland RV Trip - Cowhead   Cowhead rock formation

On our trip to Cowhead we had stopped several times to explore the coastline. Many little rustic fishing villages and staging areas dot the coast and give it a certain old world charm. It’s like time slowed down and things are still done like they have been for centuries. We were also on the lookout for a new campground. The RV park in Rocky Harbour is just a typical full hook-up parking lot and we wanted to experience camping on the coast and the full Newfoundland experience.

Fish staging area - Newfoundland
Fish staging area – Newfoundland

Well we found it! Greenpoint Campground was basically empty, a bonus for visiting in shoulder season after the kids have gone back to school. We scooped up the best spot perched up on an ocean bluff with great views out the fifth wheels picture windows. It was cheap for a national park site at $15 dollars a night. No hookups but one of the most fantastic places we have ever camped at. And guess what? We had a super-fast internet connection! Way out in this remote spot in Newfoundland we are connected! Turns out the national park has internet service installed to run the credit card payment machines so they can provide it to campground guests as a bonus.

Greenpoint campground - Newfoundland   Greenpoint campground - Newfoundland

We spent almost a week camped at Greenpoint and enjoyed every minute of it. There were a couple beautiful calm sunny days and then several super stormy ones. The remnants of an Atlantic hurricane passed by and caused winds of 60 mph +. I’ve never experienced the trailer rocking around that much and feared we may lose a few roof vent covers but it was exciting. The view of the storm whipped ocean was memorizing and we spent hours just watching natures show as the giant waves crashed ashore.

Greenpoint campground - Newfoundland
Stormy day – Greenpoint campground – Newfoundland

Video Clip of our Campsite

Exploring the coastline I was amazed by the color of the rocks and in some places how round the large boulders were. In the right light and when wetted by the surf they turn a beautiful rosy pink. My little camera doesn’t do it justice but Anne captured many beautiful images.

Here is one of Anne’s photos

Greenpoint Campground Beach

During a calm sunny day we hiked down the coast admiring the inland ponds and marshland. This is prime moose habitat and we were lucky enough to view a couple of the huge animals in the wild at a fairly close distance.

Newfoundland RV Trip - Moose sighting   Newfoundland - Gros Morne NP

Unfortunately for us the weather started to get cold as fall was approaching and it was time to head south or freeze up. We boarded the ferry back to Nova Scotia and bid a fond farewell. That’s our RV Trip to Gros Morne National Park Newfoundland.  I’ll always cherish the memory of that trip and hope to return to explore more of Newfoundland one day.

Photo Gallery of Images from our Time in Newfoundland

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