RV Wireless Remote Control Module Replacement & Upgrade – Lippert Linc System

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Recently I repaired my broken RV wireless remote control system by upgrading it to a newer generation called the Lippert Linc system. To do it I had to upgrade both the control board and the remote.

OEM wireless remote
My 2010 Keystone OEM Wireless Remote System

My 2010 Keystone OEM wireless remote system failed when suddenly it would not retract things. The OEM wireless remote system can run my slideout, fifth wheel landing gear, and power awning. Unfortunately. I discovered it wasn’t easily repairable due to the wireless controller module being completely sealed, therefore basically unserviceable.

Luckily, the folks at Lippert were able to supply me with a newer version of the control module with a selectable fuse feature. But, unfortunately, my old remote was incompatible, so they also needed to send out a compatible remote.

Replacement module
New Replacement Module with Selectable Fuses
new touch screen remote
Touch Screen Lippert Linc Remote

Disclaimer: Love Your RV! received these Lippert product samples free of charge for the installation.

In the video, I walk you through both the installation wiring and remote control programming sequence. I describe all the functions and finally give you a demo of the system in action.

Install New RV Wireless Remote System from Lippert

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RV Wireless Remote Control Module Replacement & Upgrade - Lippert Linc System

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