RVLock Keyless Entry Door Handle Install and Review

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This Christmas, my lovely wife Anne, surprised me with an extra present I wasn’t expecting. It was a bit of a bonus, the RVLock V4.0 keyless entry door lock. The RVlock replaces our regular old factory installed handle and lock giving us the convenience of keyless entry to the RV.

Since we are full-time RVers, we are in and out of the RV a lot. Carrying around the key is a bit of a pain, especially for Anne who often doesn’t wear clothes with pockets. I hate fumbling in my pocket for a key when my hands are full. I think punching in the code will be easier. It would also be nice to provide others with access to our RV at times.

Installing the RVlock Keyless Entry Handle

The RVLock packaging boasts of a 10-minute easy install, and I’d say they are pretty close to the mark there. I did have to make some extra adjustments to my door’s striker plate, but it was more about the age and wear on my RV than the product installation.

RVLock Keyless Entry Handle Parts Included 2

RVLock Keyless Entry Handle Parts Included

The first thing to do was remove the old locks hardware with six screws. The only tools required were a Robertson (square head) and a Philips screwdriver. Four screws hold the handle in place and two more the faceplate. Once removed I cleaned up the holes and mounting surfaces prepping for the new lock install.

RVLock Keyless Entry Handle Installation

The main body of the RVlock is installed first and held in place by attaching the new faceplate (included with the RVLock). Next, I attached the wiring harness hearing a beep as it connected. The wiring gets pushed into a void as the inside handle is mounted and screwed to the main RVlock body. Once the screws are snugged up the mechanical portion of the install is done.

RVLock Keyless Entry Handle Installation 2

Next tasks were the code and fob programming. The RVlock has a default code of 1234. I gave her a try, and it worked! I read the programming instructions and minutes later had my fob working and a new four digit secure code programmed. You can program a code up to 8 numbers if you like.

RVLock Keyless Entry Handle Installed

RVLock Keyless Entry Review


  • Better Security – By swapping out the OEM door handle I’m getting rid of the OEM locks. I’ve never had a lot of trust in these. I’ve heard many stories of RVers being able to open each others RVs. I’ve read there is a master key used by the RV lots for the top lock. I know for instance the storage bays CH751 keys are all the same. It’s one reason I changed those locks out a few years ago.
  • Keyless Access – Access using the keypad or fob will be super convenient. No more worrying about having the key when leaving the RV. Will be great in the event of an emergency to let someone in by emailing, texting or telephoning the code. We sometimes need to leave our dog inside the rig. It will be nice if we ever get delayed returning for some reason to be able to call someone to let her out.
  • Easy to Install – On my Cougar fifth wheel trailer installation only took 5-10 minutes using a Philips and Robertson (square head) screwdriver.
  • Simple Programming – Programming the fob and entry code was straightforward and quick.
  • Common Batteries – I liked that it uses inexpensive and readily attainable AA batteries.
  • Looks Nice – I find it to be quite stylish looking. An improvement over the original factory installed handle


  • Expensive – The RVLock V4.0 is currently $239 USD
  • Included Only One Key Fob – The majority of full-time RVers I know are a couple or family. I’m sure fobs are cheap when making them in bulk. Adding a second to this premium priced product would be appreciated. Even if the owner is single, a spare fob is always good to have.
  • Flimsy Feeling Inside Handle – I don’t give high marks to the inside handle design. It’s made of plastic versus metal and the grip used to close the door is rather shallow. I get some flexing when pulling hard on it. My concern is over time the plastic will get brittle, and it may break when pulling hard or catching the door during a wind gust.
  • Beep Is Too LOUD – I realize that some form of audio indicator is useful for programming and such, but it’s too loud in my opinion. Maybe a sound level control can be built in or an optional light indicator. I’m an early riser and don’t like to disturb my neighbors or wake my wife. In many RV parks, you are right on top of each other. Guess I’ll have to use a key even with my keyless entry unless I mod it myself.
  • Keypad –  It has sort of a cheap plastic feel to it. I hope it doesn’t crack after sun exposure and long-term use.

RVLock Keyless Entry Handle Review Video

Update: Here is a second video showing how I quieted the annoyingly loud beeps

I’ve also found out from a YouTube commenter @jking1224 that holding the 1 key down for a few seconds will disable and reenable the beeping.


Overall I’m pleased with the RVLock and look forward to the convenience. We will be putting it to the test during the remainder of our snowbird season. The lock and handle will see a ton of use and be exposed to the desert sun, dust, wind, and coastal rains. We’ll see how it holds up. I’ll report back towards the summer, when I do a blog post and video updating folks on all the recent products I have reviewed, and how they’ve fared during use. Cheers! Ray

*Update* 3 1/2 Years Later – Keypad Failure

Quick update on the RV Lock brand keyless entry I installed about 3 1/2 years ago. This summer the keypad as started to disintegrate on us. I was able to order one from the RV Lock website but kind of pricey. Ended up paying nearly $35 Canadian for it.

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