Dramatic Seascapes, Pretty Water Falls, and a Humongous Seaplane

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As our 2017/18 Snowbird travels draw to a close we’ve spent the last 2 weeks meandering up the Oregon Coast. The weather for April has turned unseasonably mild and sunny. We’ve taken full advantage touring the gorgeous coastline and even up into the rainforest.

In this post, I share three videos and a pile of photos from three unique outings. First a day trip to Cape Arago State Park and a second to the Sweet Creek Falls Trail. After all this nature I needed to have a “guy day” to immerse myself in some man-made beauty. Touring the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum fits the bill!

Cape Arago State Park near Charleston, Oregon

In this video, I show you video highlight clips and photos from our day trip to Cape Arago State Park on the Oregon Coast. I also display some dashcam footage from Sunset Bay SP campground and the Sunset Bay beach.

This is one of the most pristine and rugged sections of the coast and the spring day was just fabulous. Clear blue skies and mild temps. We were able to witness hoards of sea lions on the rocks and islands just offshore.

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Sweet Creek Falls near Florence Oregon

In this video, I take you along with us on a photography hike we did in late April 2018 at Sweet Creek Falls near the town of Florence Oregon coast. Sweet Creek Falls is a gorgeous stretch of water with multiple cascading waterfalls rapids and quiet pools all set in lush Pacific NorthWest coastal rainforest scenery.

The video has an overview of the location of Sweet Creek and video clips, photos from the hike. I also give you a look at the free RV overnighting spot we were using at the Three Rivers Casino.

Three Rivers Casino RV Parking Info

Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum in McMinnville

Enough with all this natural beauty, how about some man-made beauty! 🙂 Every once in a while I need a “guy day” to geek out on some cool testosterone filled mechanical stuff. Lucky I have a cool wife that indulges me. Funny enough, she usually ends up enjoying my choice, too. This was definitely a goodie.

In this video, I show an overview of the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum complex in McMinnville. The museum is home to a plethora of immaculately restored vintage aircraft including Howard Hughes’s massive wooden seaplane the “Spruce Goose”. The attraction is extremely RV friendly. Easy big rig access off the highway with a large back parking lot. They even allow free overnight boondocking for up to 2 nights. That’s a good thing because it will easily take a full day to tour the remarkable pair of museums.

Photos From Our Touring

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