Shaker Siphon Tip – Inexpensive Tool for Liquid Transfers

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In this video, I show off my latest little gadget called the Flowtool Shaker Siphon. The shaker siphon is a handy low-cost tool for transferring liquids via gravity siphon.

Recently I needed to remove 25 gallons of marine gas out of my wife’s boat as it had gotten too old and needed to be disposed of. The shaker siphon allowed me to easily transfer it into several gas cans.

It’s a simple device but works great! There is a glass ball and spring inside a brass intake connected to 6 feet of vinyl hose. Shake the brass end up and down in the liquid you want to move, and in no time, a siphoned flow is created. It transfers at about 3.5 gallons per minute.

Flowtool Shaker Siphon Demo Video

Using the Shaker Siphon

Using the Flowtool Shaker Siphon Inexpensive way to transfer liquids

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