Short Sunset Hike in Big Bend National Park

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Short Hike in Big Bend

While camping in the Rio Grande Village we decide one gorgeous evening to take the short hike up to the Rio Grande Overlook. It is locate just a few minute drive west of the campground. I figured this would be an excellent place to watch the evening’s sunset and maybe get some nice photos. The overlook spot is not too far along the Trail to the Hot Springs, maybe a third of a mile, but does climb in elevation pretty fast.

The trail is fairly rocky and narrow with a few switch backs. I found my walking pole came in real handy especially coming down.

Rio Grande Village RV Park

Rio Grande Overlook

Once up there we had a terrific panoramic view of the river, surrounding mountains and the campground areas. The terrain is quite rocky up there and dotted with several varieties of cactus and desert plants. Parts of it were very thick with Prickly Pear Cacti which along with the rocks lit up in the late day sun. We also noticed many varieties of desert wild flowers. It was late February and the desert bloom was just beginning.

Wild flowers in Big Bend NP

Looking westward the river wound its way through a steep canyon and off in the distance we could see the tops of the Chiso mountain range. To the east the Rio Grande snaked past the camping areas and over towards Boquillas canyon and in to the Sierra Del Carmen range. What a spectacular landscape shared on each side of the river by Mexico and the USA.

A Nice Surprise

As we were snapping photos and enjoying the views we began to hear faint singing. The singing slowly grew louder and we could tell it was in Spanish. Soon around a bend in the river came several men on horses and what looked like a burro or two. It was a really scenic moment seeing them riding towards us, water splashing, in the shallow river silhouetted by the setting sun.

Mexicans on Horseback in the Rio Grande

They were likely Boquillas villagers headed home after a long day’s work or supply trip. I could see one of the burros was laden down with several large packs. They waved and yelled up to us “Hola”! And we enthusiastically waved and greeted them back. Too Cool!

The sunset didn’t turn out that great on this particular evening but we enjoyed the views and got a few nice photos anyay. How can you not get a good photo in Big Bend National Park? The scenery is jaw-dropping beautiful, even more so in the late day sun.

Sundown at the Rio Grande Overlook Video

Photos from the Hike

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