SimPure Countertop RO + UV Water Filter/Purifier Review

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The SimPure Y7P is a countertop water filter purifying system utilizing reverse-osmosis and UV to make good-tasting safe water for drinking and cooking.

In this video, I go over the specs and features, demo it in action and open the covers to have a look at the inner workings. Overall the build quality looks good, and the appliance performs as advertised.

Fair Disclosure: The review sample was sent free of charge. However, I didn’t receive any monetary compensation for the video.

The big drawback for me is the size of the unit when it comes to my RV’s meager counter space. It’s a no-go. So difficult for me as a full-time RVer to do a long-term review. However, some friends who live in a town with extremely hard water will test it out at their house for me.

I’ll return with their opinion on how it performed in a few months. We’ll see if it can replace buying bottled water for them.

Product Links:

Longer Term Review Update Video

In this video, I provide an updated review of a product I reviewed four months ago. Additionally, I share the feedback of my friends in Mojave regarding the unit. During the video, I also point out the location of the LED lamp and discuss the replacement filters that are available for the product.

Simpure Countertop RO + UV Water Purifier Review

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