Slice of RV Boondocking Life – Plus Cute Goats and a Majestic Turkey

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Continuing my 2017/2018 snowbird trip videos, a little slice of our RV boondocker life. In this video, I take you along as we head from our recent boondocking location to dump and fill our tanks at the Saddle Vista Ranch in Tonopah, Arizona. The owner has recently installed an RV dump station to serve the needs of dry campers in the area.

While at the ranch we had some fun encounters with the farm animals, namely a pair of super cute little goats and a majestic looking turkey named Tom. He REALLY liked Anne. Next, we drive back to the Saddle Mountain BLM camping area and scout out a new location. I then show you my standard boondocking camp setup routine.

Boondocking Setup Routine

  • find the most level ground
  • align rig for optimal solar angle
  • check if we need blocks for side to side trailer leveling
  • deploy the beagle
  • chock tires
  • turn on propane so fridge can start cooling again
  • open slide out room
  • disconnect truck (sometimes I do this before opening the slide if we are way off level front to back)
  • level trailer front to back
  • lower rear stabilizers
  • setup ladder and deploy my portable ground solar panel
  • help Anne arrange bulky items inside the rig as she cleans and puts out decor and knick knacks
  • setup misc items – hummingbird feeder, flagpole, weather station, camp table and chairs, Angie’s pet cot, garbage pail and barbeque.
  • add some Happy Campers to the black tank
  • confirm battery and water capacity
  • check internet data and cell reception, see if we need the booster on
  • if cold nights then setup the Big Buddy heater

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Slice of the our boondockers life when snowbirding in the southwest with our RV. Video shows us heading to a local ranch to dump our tanks and get fresh water then I detail how I setup the rig at the campsite plus we meet two cute goats and a turkey -

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