*New* SRNE Complete Off Grid RV Power System

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Over the last few years, I have tested and reviewed several SRNE chargers with good results. I’ve used a couple of their 40 amp MPPT solar controllers and the 50 amp DC-DC Charger with MPPT. Recently, they contacted me and asked if I would help spread the word about their upcoming complete 12V off-grid package for RVs and Boats. Plans are to install the system into our 34′ trawler boat and test it out during this summer’s off-grid boating adventures.


In this video, I give you a sneak peek at several products and an overview of how the system will be connected. I’m planning more videos soon with deeper dives into each component and its installation. In the past, the SRNE brand hasn’t been easy to buy in the USA and Canada, but they promised me that it will change soon. If true, they may become a viable competitor to expensive brands like Victron. Stay tuned.

Fair Disclosure: I received a review sample free of charge. I received no money and maintained full editorial control over the video content.

Overview of the New SRNE Off-Grid System

SRNE 30A DC-DC Charger/Converter – Features, App and Demos

Continuing my video series about SRNE’s new off-grid power system, we look at the 30 amp Isolated DC-DC charger/converter. (Model – SR-DCI12-1230) Not only is it a 30 amp charger, but it is also a 30 amp converter. Switching between modes and setting up the voltage preferences is done via the SRNE Bluetooth app. In this video, I review the features, provide an overview of the companion app, and demonstrate converter and charger modes.

IP12-3KW 3000W Inverter/120A Charger/50A Xfer Switch – Hookup Demo & App

In this 3rd video in the series, I give you a closer look at another upcoming product from SRNE. The IP12-3KW is a 3000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter with a 120 amp battery charger and 50 amp transfer switch. It is at the heart of their new complete off-grid setup for 12VDC RVs and boats. I demo its functionality and provide a detailed look at the companion smartphone app. Stay tuned this spring when I install it and the rest of the system in our 34′ CHB trawler boat for use this summer.

SRNE Battery Protector & Solid State Switch

This is a new SRNE product demo: a solid-state battery protection switch with a Bluetooth app. This summer, it will be part of an upcoming off-grid installation project that showcases a complete SRNE product solution. Stay tuned.

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New SRNE Off Grid Power System Build - First Look

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