Sneak Peek – Xantrex 240Ah Lithium Batteries

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Here is a quick look at the start of my installation of 2 new Xantrex 240 amp hour lithium batteries. They will become the new heart of our Keystone Cougar trailer’s off-grid power system. I’ll soon be mating them up with a 3000W Xantrex Freedom XC Pro inverter/charger, then testing and reviewing the system during this winter’s snowbird trip. Stay tuned!

Off Grid Power System Upgrades! – Nov 2023 Update

Here is an update on how the new off-grid power system in our Keystone Cougar fifth-wheel trailer is coming along. I’ve removed four batteries, an inverter, a charger, and two solar controllers and simplified things with two Xantrex 240Ah batteries, a 3000W inverter/charger, and a 60 MPPT solar controller. I’ve also cleaned up the wiring quite a bit using bus bars.

Stay tuned for future videos with testing and reviews of the new Xantrex lithium batteries and inverter/charger.

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