Snowbird Season 2014/2015 is Upon Us

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Off Like a Herd of Turtles

November 4th we loaded our beloved Cougar fifth wheel aboard the Coho Ferry from Victoria to Port Angeles and set sail to another year chasing new adventures down south. The ferry trip and border crossing went smoothly and soon we were back on US soil. First thing to do…. Walmart! haha. After spending over 6 months on Vancouver Island the prices at Walmart make our Canadian hearts giddy. We loaded up with groceries, a Tracfone card for our cell and badly needed kitchen stuff. Next was a trip to the fuel station to fill up Big Baby Blue, wow!! $3,49 a gallon, love it. 🙂

Getting Our Internet Hookup

Finally we pulled into the Verizon cell phone store to activate our beloved Jetpack MiFi device. We settled on a prepaid monthly data plan at 90 bucks for 10 gigabytes of data.  Anne and I both have a few websites so we are quite the internet pigs and need a large plan. I’m sure most folks could get by with the 60 dollar 3 gigabyte plan.

The activation went smoothly except for the credit card, we have no zip code. I told the girl to try a trick I use for gas pumps when they ask for a zip code. Take the numbers from the Canadian Postal Code and add 2 zeros. Worked like a charm and we were online in no time.

Highlights So Far

Since leaving Port Angeles we have kept a pretty good pace stopping for only a couple nights in Seaside, Newport and one night in Gold Beach. We have had our fill of rain and cloud and long for some of that southern California sunshine.

Angie Gets Her Beach Fix

Even though we are moving along the Oregon coast at a fast pace we have had a few memorable highlights already. First we spent a beautiful morning taking our beagle Angie for a run on Cannon Beach, our favorite. The day before had been super stormy and wet so it was nice to let the little beagle have her beach time I had promised her.


Wow, What a Mushroom!

The next highlight was the mushrooms at Whalers Rest RV park south of Newport, Oregon. They were amazing. All over the park were these really cool looking reddish mushrooms. When we pulled into our chosen spot we were greeted by a perfect one. It looks like fairies should be living there.

Giant Mushroom on the Oregon Coast


Sea Lion Colony Sighting

Driving the Oregon coast is always a treat for the eyes as the scenery is usually breathtaking. I really have to concentrate on the road, but Anne gets the passenger side view. A little ways pass the town of Waldport, Oregon she says “Hey, I see things jumping out of the water out there!” so I pull the rig over at the next view point. I let her out to scope it out and soon she is back waving me out of the truck. It’s pouring rain so this must be good. It is! Located at the bottom of the cliff are hundreds of Sea Lions!


It was an amazing scene with Sea Lions covering the rocks below and more out playing in the surf and waves. We both got soaked watching them and I even risked my camcorder to grab a video memory of the scene. This is one of the reasons we love to RV, those unexpected things that just happen. I’m so looking forward to another amazing winter of RVing… stay tuned.

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