SOK Lithium (LiFePO4) RV Battery – Demo, Tests, and Initial Review

In this video, I demo, test, and give my initial review of the new SOK SK12V100 12V lithium battery. I test charging, discharging, and check it’s overall amp-hour capacity. I also take the top cover off and give you a peek inside.

Disclaimer: Love Your RV! received this SOK product sample free of charge for the review.

Demo and Testing Video – SOK 12V Lithium Battery

Overall, so far I think it’s not a bad deal for the money. Pros are the price, beefy case design, and heavy-duty BMS. Cons are it’s from a relatively unknown company, limited North American support, and undersized internal power cable gauges.

I plan to use the SOK battery in our RV for the rest of the summer and come back with a final review of its performance.

SOK SK12V100 Battery Features:

  • 100Ah 12V Deep Cycle Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
  • Built-in Smart Battery Management System
  • 4000~8000 Cycles Life Span
  • Free Maintenance
  • 10.2 * 7.9 * 8.1 Inches, 26 lbs
  • Detachable Cover
  • Replaceable BMS or Cells.
  • Can connect in series for 24V or 36V or 48V Battery Bank
  • 7 Years Warranty

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Demo, Testing and Initial Review SOK Lithium (LiFePO4) Battery

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