Squeaky Dirty FanTastic Fan – Cleaning and Lube Attempt

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A little over 4 years ago I installed a 12 VDC FanTastic RV roof vent fan in the main living area of our Keystone Cougar trailer. I installed it mainly to help keep us cool when off-grid camping (aka boondocking) and for quickly removing excess moisture and cooking odors from the RV.

Overall I’ve been pleased with the fan, it moves a ton of air with relatively low power consumption. Roughly 1.5 – 3 amps depending on the speed setting of low, medium and high. The model I chose also has a built-in thermostat control so I can set it only to run when needed.

In this video, I disassemble the fan for cleaning. I remove the fan blade and motor assembly. While I have the motor out, I try to fix an annoying low-speed squeaking that has recently developed.

The motor isn’t designed to come apart, so I try and work some silicone lubricant spray down the fan spindle shaft. Hopefully, it can find its way into the bearing. If that doesn’t solve the problem, I may have to order a replacement motor. Once cleaned and lubed I reassemble the Fantastic fan and give it a test run.

Video Detailing FanTastic Fan Disassemble and Reassembly

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