State Stickers Decal Map Kit For Our RV

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As a fun stocking stuffer, this Christmas Santa delivered a set of US State and Canada Provincial decal maps for the RV. The idea is to add the blank map somewhere on the outside of your RV, and then each time you visit a state or province, it gets added to the map via a sticker.

State Stickers Decal Map Kit for the RV

We’ve decided to add a sticker only if we have spent a night in the state or province using our Cougar fifth wheel. Once I added all the places we have overnighted in it became apparent we have a relatively large gap in the center of the two countries. I guess we love the coasts. 🙂

Our states and provinces visited

The application was straightforward peel and stick. First I prepped the surface by cleaning with isopropyl alcohol then applied the sticker trying not to wrinkle it. I did end up with some bubbles and a few wrinkles especially with the first one I did, Canada. Practice makes perfect; the US came out much better. They can be smoothed out somewhat using a credit card wrapped in cloth.

I added the State Stickers USA and Canada Provinces map decals to the front side of our slide out. I figure that way folks walking by in the RV park can see them.

State Stickers Decal Map Kit for the RV applied

State Stickers Decal Map Kit Video

State Stickers Decal Map for the RV featuring USA States and Canadian Provinces Love Your RV -

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