RV Safety Tip – Added Reflective Tape to the Rig

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Just like the commercial trucks I’ve added strips of red and white DOT reflective tape to my fifth wheel trailers back bumper. I’m hoping it might help us avoid a rear-end collision by lighting it up a night and giving the flat black bumper a bit of color in the day.

Trailer Rear Bumper Reflective Tape

We often overnight in parking lots like casinos, trucks stops and highway waysides, etc. I’m always a bit wary of getting the RV clipped by a vehicle driver not paying attention. So, to make us stand out I’ve also added reflective tape on spots around the trailer.

Reflective Tape on RV Slideout

I’ve added reflective tape strips to the inside walls of the slideout, on the entrance steps and to the front pin box. I figure it’s cheap insurance against a big headache getting the RV hit would bring, nevermind our safety inside.

RV Tips and Tricks - Add reflective tape to rig for night time safety when parked by the Love Your RV blog https://www.loveyourrv.com

If I’m feeling extremely paranoid about a place I often will deploy my highway warning triangles as an extra measure.

Reflective Tape Tip Video

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