Summer RV Interior Renovation Project Part One – The Plan

Our Rig Info

Four years ago we purchased a brand spanking new Keystone Cougar 276RLS fifth wheel trailer. We absolutely loved the gorgeous interior and furnishings. But over the course of time some things have become tattered and worn. We are pretty disappointed with the sofa and swivel rockers. The quality of foam used inside was subpar and they quickly became flat and uncomfortable. Also the carpeting is getting worn out already.

Main Living Area
Main Living Area

Reason for Reno

The main thing we would love to do is get rid of all the fabric type stuff. We would like to go with more leather and vinyl materials to make things easier to maintain, less likely to trap smells and dirt. Our little beagle Angie has an undercoat that sheds and the hair is very difficult to remove from the furnishing and carpets. I think by adding leather furniture and smooth flooring it will really clean up overall the look of the interior.

Summer RV Reno Plans

Since we have decide to spend an extended 4 month stay in one RV Park this summer I will have the time to get into the renovation projects. First up will I be replacing the droopy sofa bed with a custom built daybed type unit with a large drawer and some built in storage accessed by lifting the top, like the regular RV bed does.

Droopy Looking Sofa Bed
Droopy Looking Sofa Bed

Next, I plan to replace the carpeting in the rig with a smooth type flooring material. I’m seriously looking at a luxury woven vinyl material that is used on boats and around pools. They also use it in some of the new Airstream trailers. ( I really like the clean look of it and have had some samples sent to me. We’ll see if it gets the “wife approved thumbs up”.

One of the two dumpy lookin swivel rockers will be replaced by a nice leather recliner. Anne has a bad back and one thing she really misses from the sticks and bricks home is her Lazy Boy. Where the second recliner is I plan to build myself some sort of computer works station.

Our Living Room Area
Our Living Room Area

We are also looking to spruce up the bedroom with a new flooring, mattress and bedding. Finally I would like to replace the cheap plastic RV faucets in the kitchen and bathroom sinks with some stylish regular household type.

Video Look at Rig Before Renovations

I’m looking forward to a fun summer working on the RV interior renovation projects and making the Cougar trailer more our own.

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