Testing Out My New 3000W Motomaster Eliminator Pure Sine Inverter

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I needed a high-wattage inverter to help with my lithium battery reviews, but I didn’t want to spend too much money. The Motomaster Eliminator 3000W looked to fill the bill. I bought it at the Canadian Tire during a summer sale for $511 (The regular price is $639).

Specs were decent enough and came with a 3-year warranty at a sticks and bricks store. I also have been using the 1000W model for 11 years of full-time RVing without a hitch. Fingers crossed, this newer, bigger model is just as durable.

In the video, I show you my new 3000W inverter. I do a few demos of it in action, show you the insides, and go through the features I found noteworthy. In a future video, I’ll install it into my Cougar fifth-wheel trailer and wire it to an auto transfer switch. Stay tuned for that sometime in September 2022.

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