The not so Glamorous Side of Fulltime RV life

Parked in a driveway and gone to the dogs

You may have noticed I have been MIA as far as blog posting recently. Since we arrived back in Victoria BC from snow birding down south both Anne and I have been on the go constantly. I had promised my sister to house sit for her while she, her husband and son winged off to Europe for 3 weeks, nice. Along with house sitting came the chore of taking care of their animals, two cats and two dogs. One of the dogs is a 5 month old husky puppy weighing in at 60 pounds already. Throw in our beagle and that makes 5 critters to feed and clean-up after. Whew! In exchange we are getting a free spot to park our fifth wheel for a month which saves us about 650 dollars. Yes, it is expensive for RV spots in Victoria.

Our driveway campsite  My sisters puppy named BO

Prepping for the summer season

Another pair of tasks was getting the camper van I use for my Electronics Service business and Anne’s powerboat out of storage, cleaning them and launching the boat. Both were pretty dirty from sitting outside in the storage yard for 6 months in the wet coastal BC winter climate. Everything went well and both are running nice. We look forward to getting out on the water this summer and maybe catching some crabs and doing some whale watching in the Gulf and San Juan Islands. We are really blessed to spend the summer in such a beautiful part of the world. I plan on writing some articles for the blog on places in the area to see and things to do if you’re visiting Vancouver Island in your RV.

My awesome 1989 Ford camper van  Anne doing her other favorite thing besides RVing

More purging of our suddenly not so valuable stuff

We have also been very busy with more purging of stuff. Having lived the fulltime RV life now for two years the cost of having a large storage room is adding up. Initially when we set out the plan was to RV around North America for a full year and then return and resume a “normal” sticks and bricks life. Well that plan went out the window only a few months into our journey. We loved the freedom  and adventure so much we set our minds to making it a lifestyle. We have paid to store many items that are useless without a house so we have gone through all our “stuff” and decided what we really can’t live without and the rest is being sold, donated or chucked out. So far we are making great progress and spent last Sunday at the local swap meet selling like mad!  It looks like we will end up reducing our storage costs around $75 dollars a month by squeezing our worldly belongs, short of what we carry in the RV, into a 8’x6’ storage room. It’s strange how nice that feels, we spent a good part of our lives acquiring things and now we want less things. Too many possessions have become a burden. I’m amazed how our travels have changed our perspectives.

Unloading our stuff to sort and sell  How the heck did we get so much stuff?!

Red tape and filing out forms for the man

Add to all this the red tape of filing taxes, getting all our insurances squared away, acquiring Canadian cell phones and internet access, visiting our doctors, renewing licenses, passports, etc.etc.etc.. It’s been pretty hectic. It’s the price we pay for heading out for many months traveling like gypsies and well worth it. Some people think we lead a care free life and spend our time like tourists but the truth is it’s just a different lifestyle with plenty of mundane chores just like before. Even though we have had the pleasure of living in my sister’s beautiful and very large to us home, we are already missing our cozy little RV that has become our real home.

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