The Sewiepig RV Gadget is Sure to get a Smile

Many of you RVers out there may have seen one, but it was new to me. A few days ago a fifth wheel moved into the campsite next to us and setup. After they deployed their sewer hose I noticed a large red blob on the end where the sewer hole is. “What the heck is that?” I thought

I moved in for a closer look and a big smile hit my face. Haha, it’s a little plastic pig called the Sewiepig!

Sewiepig RV waste hose hold down

Sewiepig Hose End Holder

What a fun and smart idea. If you’ve ever seen a sewer hose pop out of the hole with a full load of black waste tank soup streaming you know it’s not a pretty sight or smell! I recently saw it happen to some very shocked rental RV camper. Poor guy, he sure was scrambling to get that hose back in the sewer hole, with bare hands no less. Yikes.

Sewiepig RV waste hose holder

I’ve seen RVers use various ways to hold down the sewer hose end, like rocks, bricks, sandbags or water jugs, but this was too cute. The underneath is hollowed out to cover the hose. You fill it with water and plop it on the top of the sewer connection.

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