Thinkware X800 Dash Cam + Multi Camera (Side and Rear) Installation

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In this video, I install the newly released X800 Thinkware dash cam along with 3 other cameras by utilizing the Thinkware multiplexer unit. With the multiplexor, you can install up to 4 additional cameras.

I detail the installation into my 2018 Ram 3500 pickup truck, explain all the functions and settings via the X800 touchscreen, and show you some demo footage of the system in action. Demos include video recorded in continuous driving mode with sound on, incident recording, and parking timelapse footage. Stay tuned; I’ll come back in a few weeks with a full review of the system. More video footage and my likes and dislikes.

Disclaimer: The Thinkware dashcam review sample was free of charge. However, I’m not affiliated with Thinkware, nor was I monetarily compensated for the review or told what to say.

Product Links

Thinkware website – 5% off coupon code “loveyourrv”

Thinkware Amazon Store USA

Thinkware Amazon Store Canada

Link to last year’s Thinkware Q800 Pro Dash Cam LYRV review videos

Truck Tool Box Power System Mod

This video shows how I have modded up a solar-powered battery and inverter installation in one of my truck tool boxes. Mostly I did it to power my Thinkware dash cams parking survivance mode power. But it will also be handy for other things like nighttime campsite rodent deterrent lights.

Installing Thinkware X800 Dash Cam + Multi-Cam System

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