Titan Rack Mount RV Fridge Vent Fan Demo and Installation

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Demo and installation of an interesting new RV refrigerator vent fan from Titan. Unlike most RV fridge cooling fans that are similar to computer case fans, this fan is more like a blower fan found in furnaces. The long, narrow design allows for easy mounting on the inside of the fridge’s vent grill.

This fan utilizes a magnetic mounting system for easy removal when required. It also comes with speed, timer, and temperature control. I will test it out for a while and come back in a future video with a review of its performance. Stay tuned.

(Fair Disclosure: I received the Titan fan free of charge. However, Iā€™m not an affiliate of Titan, and I received no monetary compensation for the video ā€“ Ray)

Titan TTC-SC60(A) Fan Install and Demo Video

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