TPMS Update – Guta Booster Installation Needed

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In this video, I demo and explain the installation of the Guta TPMS booster device that came in my 8-sensor kit.

Guta TPMS Booster

When I first reviewed the Guta tire monitor, I found it worked fine without the booster. But things have changed, and the booster is required, or I lose connectivity to the passenger side trailer tires. Maybe it’s due to a change in the stuff I’m carrying and where the cargo is stored in the truck and trailer.

Guta TPMS booster install diagram

The wireless extender booster simply gets installed somewhere between the truck and trailer axles and connects to the RV 12VDC system. For my installation, I chose to connect it to the output feed from my DC-DC charger for ease of installation and utilization of the existing breaker for an on/off function.

Guta TPMS Booster Installation Video

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Guta TPMS Booster Installation Video

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