Trailer Aid Plus

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For lifting your heavy tandem wheel trailer to change a tire or check bearings and brakes nothing is as easy as using the Trailer Aid Plus. I picked up one to use on my 9000 lb Keystone Cougar fifth wheel trailer. It makes it easy to check the brakes and bearings and change a flat. Just drive the good wheel up on the ramp and the wheel you need to remove is lifted off the ground. With mine I was able, with the help of my spare tire, to rotate my tires without needing a jack.



Camco® Trailer Aid Plus version has an extra inch or so of lift added for bigger trailers
  • Jacking up a trailer on the side of a busy interstate highway can be dangerous, but with the Trailer Aid Plus it’s a breeze. Very safe and quick.
  • Jacking a trailer from under the axles is not recommended by most axle makers. They say to jack from the frame rails, only problem is the frame rails are usually a couple of feet off the ground making it very difficult to jack up the trailer with most jacks.
  • The product itself is really durable plastic material but not too heavy, about 5 pounds. Has a maximum capacity of 15,000 lbs!

  • Super fast tire changing, no jacking.

  • It’s easy to store and is useful for chock blocking the trailer.

  • Can be use also for working on your car or truck.

“I’ve in the past used blocks of wood stacked together to achieve the same results.  I find the Trailer Aid Plus to be a very slick, easy solution to the problem of jacking  up my Fifth Wheel and highly recommend it.” – Ray

Trailer Aid Plus Demo Video

Review by Ray Burr – Full Time traveling RVer.

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