Update On My Boondocking Remote Solar Panel Mod

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Last summer I received a flexible Lensun solar panel for a Love Your RV product review. Once I completed my review, the panel was mine to keep. I just needed to figure out what to do with it?

I had been toying with the idea of making myself a remote ground panel I could move around much like the suitcase units you see for sale. Having a remote panel would allow me to capture the low angle early morning rays when boondocking during the winter months. Also, if camped out in a shady site, I could deploy it into a sunny spot.

So, I got to work and modded up my very own remote solar panel system for the rig. It mounts in the truck bed when traveling and then quickly comes off and sets up when boondocked.

In this post, I wanted to give you an update now that I’ve had a chance to use it a few times while casino camping on the coast and boondocking down in southern California and Arizona. I’m extremely pleased with the mod and like I envisioned it gives us an early jump on recharging the batteries every morning. The truck toolbox mounting idea has worked out great.

Dry camping at Corvina Beach remote solar panel deployed

Mounting it on the thick plywood board has also worked out well. Unless the wind is howling, there is little chance of it falling over or blowing around. I do have the metal rings on the back and could lash it to something if need be. Or just lay it flat. The metal rings come in handy to chain it to the rig when parked in city environments keeping the panel from walking away. 😉

Using 100 watt ground panel at casino parking

As far as panel performance, it’s for the most part good. The only drawback I find is when the flexible panel gets hot it loses some efficiency. Usually about an amp less output during the midday sun. The efficiency losses when hot is true for most PV panels, but hard to keep this one cool with no air flow behind it.

Remote Solar Panel Mod Update Video

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