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Using Lux DMH110A to Update RV Thermostat

I  previously wrote a blog post describing my upgrade mod to my RV heating/cooling thermostat and posted a video on YouTube detailing the install. I used the Hunter brand model 42999 and it works great in my RV. The other day I received a comment on the video from Frank who had done a similar upgrade using the Lux brand thermostat and reports great results. He also created a PDF file detailing his install. I asked and he was kind enough to allow me to post his mod here.

Lux Products DMH110 Non-Programmable Digital Thermostat
Lux Products DMH110 Non-Programmable Digital Thermostat

Here is a pdf file – LUX DMH110a wiring schematic UPDATE.  I created using a LUX DMH110a non-programmable digital thermostat for my Heartland North Trail travel trailer.  Some info is trailer specific, but all info is usable no matter what type of RV you install this thermostat into.  This product has Lux Thermostat company support where hunter doesn’t.

-Credit to Frank Dajnowicz for this RV Thermostat Upgrade Tip

This is very timely as the Hunter 42999 is getting harder and harder to find these days and the Lux DMH110A is currently readily available. Frank told me he has spoken with the company that makes the Lux Thermostat and says they have great support.

Update: The Hunter 42999B doesn’t seem to be available anymore, however, the Supco Thermostat 43054 is basically the same. I’ve also been informed by a reader that another workable replacement option is the Honeywell RTH5100 Deluxe Thermostat. The key feature it has is to automatically switch from cooling to heating mode. – Ray

Update July 2019Detailed installation post and video of the Honeywell RTH5100 thermostat

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