Use Portable Propane Heater while Dry Camping

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Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy

By using an indoor-safe portable propane  heater when dry camping in cool temperatures you can save a lot of power in your RV batteries. When running the big RV furnace substantial power is used to drive the furnace fan which can quickly wear down your RV battery. By using a portable propane heater you will be able to dry camp longer and need to recharge the RV batteries less.

Most modern units like the Mr. Heater Buddy now have an auto-shut off system in case the unit tips over, the pilot light goes out  or oxygen levels get too low. These units are a favorite with boondockers, who use them at night with a window cracked for extra ventilation. Even if you prefer not to sleep with it on, you can still get substantial power savings during awake times.  Make sure you have a properly installed and working RV Carbon Monoxide Sensor/Alarm as a backup for extra safety.

MR. Buddy Heater


I have recently purchased a Big Buddy heater for my RVing adventures and wrote up a full review. Check it out.  Cheers Ray

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