Use Vent Cushions to Help Regulate Temperature in the RV

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RV Vent Insulator Cushions Tip

Cushions designed to fit in the square vent openings on the RV roof can be made or purchased on Amazon. When it is too hot or cold outside the vents are a major source of temperature exchange, by blocking them you can better regulate the inside temperature. Gives your AC or furnace a little break, which saves money off electricity or LP Gas costs. Another extra bonus is they block out the noise and light coming through the vents making it nicer for those afternoon naps and lazy day sleep ins.

Vent Pillow

RV Vent Insulator Cushions are also available in a reflective bubble coating which will further enhance the temperature control, reflecting the heat out in summer and back in winter.

Reflective Vent Cushion

Vent Cushion Uses:

  • Keep Heat out of the RV in the Summer
  • Keep Heat in the RV in the Winter
  • Block Light Out for Better Sleep
  • Block Noise Out For Better Sleep
  • Extra Sofa Cushions
  • Saves money on heating/cooling costs

Along with Vent Covers these are one of the first things I would pick up for an RV. We use them not only for temperature regulation but for blocking out light and noise. It’s amazing how much sound comes in through the vents. Helps a lot when overnighting in truck stops – Ray

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