Visit to Hathayim (aka Von Donop) Provincial Marine Park, Cortes Island

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We left Lund Marina in early August for a few months of roaming the Discovery Islands chain between Vancouver Island and the BC mainland. The first stop sees us back over on lovely Cortes Island. We had anchored in Gorge Harbour on the southwest of the Island about two weeks ago.

This time we explored a provincial marine park in the northwestern section called Hathayim, aka. Von Donop. The Vonop Inlet snakes its way inland on a pristine-looking portion of the island with several excellent spots to drop the hook.

Cortes Island Map showing Hathayim (aka Von Donop) Provincial Marine Park location

It was a hot stretch in August, so we enjoyed being able to take daily dips into the relatively warm ocean waters. Warm is relative at only about 20C (70F) but not bad for BC, where the ocean usually is around 12C – 14C. We loved the tranquil atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of more populated areas.

Anchored in Von Donop Inlet

In the video, I provide some footage of a half-sunk boat we saw in Squirrel Cove, Lewis Channel, 360 of our anchor location, views from the dinghy of Von Donop Inlet, and our swimming fun.

Anchoring in Von Donop Inlet Video

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