Waste Master RV Sewer Hose Storage Solution

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I recently replaced my old worn out RV sewer hose with the new Waste Master RV sewer system. (See my full review and demo video). I’ve used it for a few weeks now and really like it. It’s quite a step up in quality over the traditional RV sewer hoses.

A killer feature for me is the elbowed end piece that inserts into the campground sewer drain hole.  It has a built-in shutoff valve, clear window, and large handle. With its rubber donut gasket, a very positive seal is easily created.

Showing Waster Master Head and Hose

The only drawback to this sewer hose is this 90-degree elbow assembly doesn’t detach, so storage for me is an issue. I’ve always used my rear trailer bumper for sewer hose storage. We live in our fifth wheel full time and being that it is only 30 foot long, storage space is at a premium. I don’t have room for another bin in the basement area and don’t really want it in the truck bed. So, I had to come up with something.

Storage Solution for the Waster Master Hose

I’ve seen may RVers using 4 inch ABS plumbing pipes as sewer hose carriers. Valterra even offers one all prebuilt with mounting brackets. The only problem is the Waste Masters 90-degreee elbow (of course) doesn’t fit inside.

My solution was to cut a notch at the end of the ABS pipe where I could insert the Waste Master’s handle. This would keep it from spinning around in the pipe. Next I added an anchor point and fashioned a clip to hold it in place. A large carabineer clamps onto the Waste Masters handle and a few heavy rubber bands supply the tension to hold the hose in place. At the other end of the pipe, I added a twist on cap.

Most folks mount the sewer hose carrier pipe under the rig, but because I like to boondock and tow the rig over some rough uneven terrain, the less stuff hanging underneath the better. I decided to mount my ABS sewer pipe to the top side of the rear bumper. I used several large steel hose clamps to attach it.

The clamps are super strong and it makes for a very secure arrangement, especially since I also have a tire carrier to butt up against. Now I have plenty of hose storage. I use the trailer bumper for the extra Waste Master 20 foot extension hose and for the 18-foot main sewer hose plus elbow I use my own custom sewer hose storage solution.

Video Detailing my Sewer Hose Storage Solution

UPDATE – I came up with a better solution using a plastic storage box mounted under the rig next to my sewer output. The beauty of it is I no longer need to disconnect the hose.

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