Why We Are Buying a New Truck Versus Fixing Big Blue

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In this video, I go into detail about why I’m not fixing our old 1994 Ford F350 and buying a brand new truck instead.

If you saw my previous video – Sad News Our Old Blue Ford Truck is Toast you’ll notice a lot of the YouTube commenters thought I should be repairing old Blue. Even though it looks like the engine needs major repairs or a replacement.

I try to explain my thought process and the pros and cons of buying new versus fixing the old beast or buying a newer used tow vehicle. Finally, I ask what you feel the old truck is worth to sell. I’d like to see it go to a good home. I’m sure it has some good years left, just not with us towing our big fifth wheel.

Repairs needed during our last 6-month trip:

Rear Diff Speed Sensor
Fuel Lift Pump
Fuel Return Lines and O-Ring Kit
Glow Plug Controller and Relay
Glow Plugs
Fan Clutch
Block Heater Plug
Leaky Radiator Cap
Ignition Key Cylinder
Tach Sensor

Our Choices:

Repair Blues Engine 6-8 thousand dollars (CAD)
Restore Blue 20-25 thousand dollars (CAD)
Newer Used Truck 30 – 45 thousand dollars plus 12% tax (CAD)
New Truck 68,000 plus 12% tax (CAD)

Old vs New Specs:

2WD Dually vs 4WD Single Axle
Rear End 4.10 vs 3.42
Towing 13,000lbs vs 16,850lbs
Payload 3000lbs vs 4,320lbs
Trans. 3 speed with OD vs 6 speed
Power 190HP vs 385HP
Torque 385 ft/lbs vs 930 ft/lbs

Pros of buying a new truck:

A massive increase in towing capacity
Increased safety
Much quieter
4×4 capability for more off-road adventures
More fun to drive, less stress
5-year powertrain warranty or 100,000 km
3-year bumper to bumper warranty or 60,000 km

Cons for a new truck:

Cost 68,000 CAD plus taxes
Higher insurance rate
Emission Issues
Feel sad for old Blue

In the video I go through why I've decided to not fix our old 1994 F350 Ford truck and buy a brand new Ram 3500 - https://www.loveyourrv.com/why-we-are-buying-a-new-truck-versus-fixing-big-blue/

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