Wireless Camera for Hitching Fifth Wheel Trailer

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In this video, I demonstrate how I have repurposed one of my Haloview side-mount cameras. I have a large toolbox, and solar panel mounted in front of my hitch blocking a clear view of the hitch jaws out the back window of the truck. With its companion remote battery box for power, the wireless camera helps me hitch up our Keystone Cougar fifth-wheel trailer. 

To install I simply drilled a small hole and used a Tek screw to fasten the camera mount to the fifth wheel pin box. The camera is aimed forward towards the truck bed. When I want to hitch up the rig, I plug in the remote battery box to power up the camera and use the image shown on the wireless display in the truck cab to help guide my approach.

The Haloveiw display has built-in adjustable parking guidelines. I’ve adjusted the colored guidelines, so when the hitch head is between them, I’m on the perfect track to connect the pinbox to the hitch jaws.

Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch Cam Video

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Setting up a Haloview Wireless Camera as a Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch Cam

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