Wireless RV Rear View Camera Review (Haloview Model MC5111)

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In this first video, I unbox and do a quick test of the new Haloview MC5111 wireless RV backup/rearview camera monitor system. I show all the included parts like mounts and hookup options and give you a look at the picture quality.

The MC5111 is comparable to the MC7108 that I’ve used during this past snowbird trip down south. The difference is the smaller display size, 5 inches versus 7 inches, and mounting options for a license plate or Furrion.  (See my full review of the Haloview MC7108) 

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Haloview MC5111 Unboxing and Quick Demo

In this second video, I review the new Haloview model MC5111 wireless RV backup/rearview camera system. I had done a review of the 7″ display version last fall and used it during our 6 month RV snowbird trip with excellent results. So, when Haloview offered to send me their latest offering of a smaller 5″ version, I was eager to try it out.

I loved the 7″ display but found it a little large for use in our Ram 3500 truck cab, a smaller display would be welcome giving me more mounting location options. It would also give me a chance to test out the multi-display capabilities of the Haloview system. The MC5111 performed just as good as the larger MC7801 system with much the same features. The only downside is the smaller display. It’s a trade-off.

Haloview MC5111 Wireless Rear Monitor Camera Review

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Review of the Haloview MC5111 wireless RV rear monitor camera system by the Love Your RV blog

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