Xantrex 240Ah Lithium Battery Review

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Charge/Discharge/Capacity Tests + Build Quality

In this video, I first perform a max discharge amperage test on the Xantrex 240Ah lithium battery. Then, I recharge it fully and do a capacity test using a 600-watt sustained load. Once depleted, I pop off the cover and give you a look inside at the build quality and internal components. The video finishes with a max charge amperage test using a Xantrex Freedom XC Pro 3000W Inverter/Charger.

Fair Disclosure: I received a review sample free of charge from Xantrex. I received no money and maintained full editorial control over the video content.

The test results were, for the most part, excellent. The battery easily outputs 150 amps and ran the 600W load for over 5 hours. Capacity and maximum discharge rate are as advertised, and the battery runs very cool inside. The construction build quality is top-notch!

The only hiccup was with the charging. The manual states a 150 amp max charging, but when I tried at 150A and even 130A, the battery went into an over-current shutdown. I’ll talk to Xantrex about it and tell you what they say in a future video. Stay tuned for a deeper look at the Freedom XC Pro inverter/charger. Cheers, Ray.

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