Xantrex Freedom XC Pro Marine 2000W Inverter/Charger Review

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In this video, I review the Xantrex Freedom XC Pro inverter I purchased and installed in July of this year. I’ve been using it for two solid months of boating, primarily off-grid, and I’m back with my likes and dislikes.

I also go through all its settings in the app and demo how I use it with my portable gas generator for super-fast lithium battery recharging while we are underway. 

Xantrex Freedom XC Pro Review Video


  • 2000W Pure Sine 4000W Surge ≤ 5 sec
  • 5-100 Amp Charging Amps Adjustment
  • Built-in Transfer Switch
  • UPS Backup ≤ 10ms Setting
  • Zero Volt Dead Battery Charging
  • Lithium & Custom Charge Settings
  • Equalization Setting for Lead Acid
  • Adjustable Low Battery Shutdown 10.1V – 12.8V
  • Load Management by Reducing Charging Amps
  • Power Save Modes – Time or Wattage
  • Firmware Updates
  • Ignition Control and NMEA Ports
  • Xantrex Company is 40 Years Old
  • Xantrex is Based in British Columbia


  • Settings Adjustments Tedious Without App
  • Remote Panel for Bluetooth is Optional
  • Bluetooth App is Kind of Hard to Read

Overall I’m pleased with my choice of the Xantrex. It perfectly fits our off-grid lifestyle needs aboard Vestri, our 34-foot CHB trawler.

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Xantrex Freedom XC PRO Marine 2000W Inverter Charger Review

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