Yuma CIGS 200W Flexible Solar Panel Install & Test

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A look at a new CIGS (Copper Indium Gallium Selenide) 360-degree flexible thin-filmed solar panel from BougeRV. The panel features new technology that allows it to be rolled up! Being super thin and lightweight makes it perfect for mounting on curved surfaces found on many RVs and boats.

CIGS Flexible Solar Panel

In this video, I mount it on my boat’s flybridge bimini top and run the solar wires down to a 40A BougeRV solar controller and into some lithium batteries. I then measure the Yuma panel’s power output using a short circuit test and a real-world test. It was August 14th, with reasonably clear skies at around 50 degrees latitude. The short circuit test yielded approximately ten amps.

Power to the batteries from the boat bimini mounted setup was in the neighborhood of 130 watts. It was comparable to my existing 200W rigid glass panel setup.

CIGS 200W Flexible Solar Panel Install & Test Video

Overall I’m pleased with the product and its unique features. I’ll continue using it and come back in the future with a longer-term review.

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