11 Quick Little RVing Tips from a Full Time RVer

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RVing Quick Tips

As we enjoy our full-time RV lifestyle and spend more and more time living and traveling in the RV we pick up little helpful tips along the way. Here is a video outlining 11 Quick Little RVing Tips from a Full-Time RVer.

These are just neat little things I have picked up either through personal experience or advice from other RVers. Veteran RVers will recognize most of these, but hopefully folks new to the RV world will find them handy.

11 Quick Little RVing Tips from a Full-Time RVer

1) Keeping the RV Shower Clean

Use a Sham Wow or similar type chamois cloth after every shower to dry the stall. Keeps mildew from forming and cleans off hard water deposits before they can form.

2) Prevent a Leaky RV Toilet Seal

Cost the black rubber round gasket in the bottom of the RV toilet bowl with Plumbers Grease. This will keep it nice and supple preventing the odor preventing water from draining out of the bowl.

3) Tip for Even Heat in the RV Oven

Add a pizza stone or ceramic stone to the bottom of the RV gas oven to give more even heating. This will help prevent the bottom of your baking from burning.

4) Easily and Cleanly Kill Flies

During one particularly bad fly infestation of flies, I discovered a very clean and easy way to kill them. Take a bottle of Windex glass cleaner and set the spray pattern to fine. Once they are hit with the blast the flies usually drop to floor temporarily incapacitated. This gives enough time to grab them with a tissue.

5) Cabinet Space Saving Tip

To utilize the maximum area in my storage cabinets, I added several wire baskets to hold lighter type items. For more space saving tips check out this reader-submitted post.

6) Quickly Defrost the Fridge

For rapid defrosting on my RV freezer, I use a hair drier. I aim it at the frost and ice and keep it moving, not letting it stay in one spot too long. Within a few minutes, the ice melts and is easy to remove from the freezer walls. Another trick some use is to place a bowl of very hot water inside and close the door for a while.

7) Tip to Improve RV Insulation

We have several very large windows in our fifth wheel trailer which is great for enjoying fabulous views. But. the trade off is they let a lot of sunlight in and this can dramatically overheat our interior. To combat this, I use Reflectix foil insulation cut to the individual window size. It easily stays in place and really cuts down the heat. It also works well in very cold weather to keep our heat inside. When not in use I roll the insulation up tight and store in the rigs basement.

8) Get Vent Cushions

Also along the lines of controlling the RV interior temps we use vent cushions. A ton of heat can enter through the roof vents. These cushions do a fine job of blocking it and also noise. Just be careful not to have too much moisture build up if it is humid out

9) Get Rid of Ant Infestation

We once had a colony of sugar ants using our RV as a nest. They even got inside my prize candies! A product called Raid Ant drops eliminated the little devils in just a few days. I’m not sure if it is still available but look for a similar one called Terro ant killer.

10) Water Bandit for Non-Threaded Spigots

A very handy device for filling the RV fresh water tank from a stripped or unthreaded spigot is called a Water Bandit or Thief. I’ve used it in many state and national parks to grab a quick fill where they don’t want the campers attaching to the water spigots.

11) Remove Bugs from Front Cap

Finally, the easiest way I’ve found to remove dead bugs from my RVs fiberglass front cap is with a dryer sheet. By keeping my front cap well waxed it makes it easy to wipe away the bugs with a little water and the Bounce sheet.

For more helpful RVing tips be sure to check out the RV Tips Archive.

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