12 Volt 120W DC Power Panel Installation Mod

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In this video, I take advantage of previously run 12VDC wiring to install a 12VDC power panel near the back of our Keystone fifth-wheel trailer. I recently replaced an old water pump and decided to go with a larger, more powerful model, so I had installed a high amperage DC power feed.

The new water pump actually turned out to be a poorer match for my RV plumbing, very loud! I ended up swapping it out with a lower amperage model that works great. So, It turned out I didn’t need to use the new wire run for the pump. I decided to take advantage though and install a new 12VDC power panel.

For the new power panel, I purchased a Kohree brand with USB C and USB 3.0 quick charge and a 120W power socket. It is built for marine environments with water-resistant covers for the sockets and a waterproof on/off switch.

Kohree Power Panel

12 Volt DC Power Panel Installation Video

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12 Volt Power Panel Installation

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